ONLY 4 Payments of  $29.95 + S&H
Full Price $119.80 + S&H
• SteamFX Pro • Mop Pad • Long Nozzle 
• Extreme Clean Nozzle • Round Brush
• Window Cleaner + Garment Tool 
• Garment Cloth • Window Cleaner Cloth • Extension Poles
Redesigned From The Ground Up!
All New H2O SteamFX Pro! - More Effective, Efficient, Versatile and Affordable Than Ever!
Unlike bulky mops & buckets filled with water, the SteamFX PRO is super lightweight!
Gives You 5 in 1 Cleaning!
Clean, Deodorize, & Help Sanitize Without Harmful Chemicals!
Floor Cleaner
• Converts in seconds to a powerful floor cleaner
• Sanitize and polish hardwood, tile, and linoleum
• Clean and deodorize carpets
• Great for helping to clean pet accidents

Hard Surface Cleaner
• Clean glass, mirrors and polish stainless to a streak free shine
• Tackle hard water and soap scum in the bathroom
• Melt away grease and grime in the kitchen

Spot Cleaner
• Perfect for accidental spills and quick clean up all over the house
• Clean, deodorize and help sanitize in one step
Garment & Drape Steamer
Remove wrinkles from clothes, fabrics, curtains and more

See the "Clean Coming 
From the Steam"
Upholstery & Fabric Steamer
• Deodorize furniture and upholstery in the house and car
• Refresh your mattress and bedding, helps to eliminate bedbugs
What’s better than one SteamFX Pro? Two SteamFX Pros!

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SteamFX Pro FREE! 
Hear Why Happy Customers LOVE
"Given that it only uses water, it is definitely very eco-friendly. I like that I don't have to keep going back to try and find a chemical product to work with it.”
- Brandi
“It was no effort. It weighs just a couple of pounds. I can do it with one hand. It took virtually no effort whatsoever. It’s powerful, it’s lightweight, it’s effortless. I love this thing!” - Kristina
“I really love that it was easy to use. It was light. I could easily pick it up with one hand. The steam smell is very fresh. It saves so much time and effort and money. Love. 100% love!”
- Shannon

No Chemicals - Just the Power of Steam!
SteamFX Pro - The Perfect Way to Steam Clean All Your Floors!
is Perfect for EVERY ROOM in the House!
Sanitize, Deodorize, and Clean Virtually Any Surface in Your Home with the POWER of Steam!
Your “Go Anywhere” Whole House Cleaning Solution!
• SteamFX Pro 
• Mop Pad
• Long Nozzle
• Extreme Clean Nozzle
• Round Brush
• Window Cleaner + Garment Tool
• Garment Cloth
• Window Cleaner Cloth
• Extension Poles

ONLY 4 Payments of  $29.95 + S&H
Full Price $119.80 + S&H